Off wall nut tele

I bought a harness, it came with the output jack soldered on, but the body has a 3/4 " side hole with a smaller drill hole for the wire route, so I cut the wire and soldered a patch between the cut and was able to thread the wire. But then as I went to put on the football plate , I realized that the jack is to big for the 3/4," hole. Bottom line, should I modify the route or is there a specific jack for this route? Maybe I need a barrel jack? I learn something new with every setback 20240216_150003.jpg20240216_150015.jpg
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Use the football plate to check what it will cover and widen the hole with a Dremel is a good idea. A barrel jack is also an option.

Generally go for a 7/8" hole for side jacks, unless you want something smaller for a specific reason.
Thanks for all of the advice concerning the jack issue, I thought "what the hell". I finally found out why it was screamin, but so far this is the only issue I've encountered. Now that I know its a somewhat common issue, I will start to routing.