First timer with Tele Deluxe build

What is the length of the 'short' screws?? I need to get on with assembling my 7/8th strat soon but I only have 'normal length' neck screws in stainless - I have to hurry up and source a short pair...
Probably best to call warmoth. They certainly wouldn't want you damage your neck. I think The Aaron did a video on this.
Damn! Hard to source those locally...
I neglected to consider those in my original order (since I have a pile of 1 3/4 'standard' neck screws on hand...) - regret that now :eek:
I did order the correct neck screws for the contoured heel, this build is on hold until further notice.


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ouch! My advice is to to whatever your doctor says and do physical therapy
You gotta see a specialist! And when they say start pt, do it. I'm back to playing the guitar now just fine, but there's woman at work who ignored the pt, and she can't clench her finger, she gets it half and it's too late to fix.
Remember when it comes time for the pt you follow instructions.
I will, the surgeon and the PA act like this is very important also, every time I see one of them it’s the first and last thing they say. People not doing there exercises must cause problems

Thanks for the advice