Digital Wireless Unit X2


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Looking hard at this one. Anyone heard anything about them or used one? It sure sounds like step above the old analog "compandering" type systems...

They're seeing increased usage in the worship field, boasting no dropout & flat responses, without additional compressions & such.

I'm interested in the one with the receiver that looks like a stomp box with no antaena, so I could put it on my pedalboard, but I also like the compact idea of the transmitters in the AKG guitarbug & the Samson Airline series.
Well, I pulled the trigger and she's on her way.  :toothy10:  We'll find out if all the promises are true. New gear - love it  :laughing7:
I bought the first one, with the pedal-like receiver when it came out in January. I like it, I sure won't use analog ever again (I've been waiting for something like this) but it's not perfect. The range on mine is only 150 feet. The unit you pictured, the new rackmount is twice that though. I use a lot of distortion & found that it does add some hiss to the signal. I even sent it back for them to check out because they were skeptical but it was normal. I called them and the guy i talked to finally said some hiss is normal. at 117db dynamic range. He said it would have to be around 140-150 db for the hiss to be inaudible. Which I suppose as technology gets better and better could happen someday. If you don't use gobs of distortion I doubt you will hear anything.

Other than that, it's great. Easy to set up, no compression, no loss of bass. Price was right.  Lectrosonics has a digital guitar wireless (IS400?) and the S/N is 105db and it's 3-4x the money! I can't imagine how bad the hiss is on that unit.
Hiss?! ....crud. I'll listen for that when I get it. Glad you like it otherwise though!
Got it the unit. Dead quite and sounds like a guitar cable. The transmittter pack's battery cover looks a bit breakable, but other than that the most noteable deal is the abscense of compression and expanding in the tone. I've been playing wireless for so long it's strange for that not to be there. Subtle notes are now present and the full variance of volume changes originating from the guitar is there. Big difference from standard wireless units and all good!  :icon_thumright:
That's encouraging to hear, thanks for sharing.

I'm curious for a very in depth review of your new Digitech unit too.
TonyFlyingSquirrel said:
That's encouraging to hear, thanks for sharing.

I'm curious for a very in depth review of your new Digitech unit too.

Still dialing and dialing with the GSP. Good stuff. I'm pushing it right now to try and exactly copy my Marshall JMP-1. I'm getting pretty dang close! It'll be a couple of months before I reach a few conclusions I suspect.