My little retirement present to myself. Doug and I have been working on the design of this for over a year, and I'm about nuts waiting for it to be finished. Here's some progress pics for your enjoyment.

Dual 6V6, 2X10. His version of an amp that rhymes with Barney Gumble.  :icon_biggrin:
Super cool RLW. Yeah, diggin on that circuit BOARD. That is definately a cool project.
Updated pics.

Getting close enough that I can almost taste it.
:cool01:  I'm still lovin' it.  :blob7: If you are satisfied with the finished product will you be producing any for the general public?  :party07:
All I can say is "WOW!"  That is one tremendous project.  I really hope you'll do some sound files.  Please update us on how you love the finished project?
Let me clear it up, I don't have the talent to build something this nice. This is being made by Doug Stalters of Vintone Circuits for me.

Brigitte will get "deflowered" Saturday morning, after spending the night on a Variac.

If all goes well (please, cross your fingers for me...), Doug will have her ready to ship within a week or so.


Edit: She's done! Check the url above to see the finished product.