1/23 Update at Bottom of Original Post: Tele-Explorer Hybrid (pics)

I put it at the bottom of the original post. Sorry, this is the one forum I use and rarely. I can repost it as a reply if that’d make more sense.
Ah, there it is. Much like stratamania, I couldn't find the update either. Although I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to body shape, I must say your Tele-Explorer is beautiful.
ChasingSuns87 said:
...All of the parts sat on my side table for a month plus while I changed my mind every other day as to my process/what color....
Welcome to the club. I change my mind at least a hundred time during each build. I consider it part of the fun(?). Enjoy your new toy, post more pix when it arrives!
Oh I see the update is in the first post. Normally you just post another reply to the thread and then it is linear.

Occasionally I have added an edit to an earlier post if required but new stuff would go to the end of the thread. No worries either way we see it now.