Step by step pictures of my first project. Black Korina Tele with p90 (neck)


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Here is a link to a webpage showing my almost finished project:  :blob7:
this is to be modified but hey i can't wait ;-)



The guitar sounds INCREDIBLE (I'm sure we all think the same just like new parents hahah)

If I can help please let me know, and I'll surely be back for some questions myself.
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That is a great build! I love the pairing of the pearloid guard and black korina (same as my build), and I bet that p90 is a monster with the hollow chambers there. Maybe post some sound clips, I'd love to hear it.
I've been thinking of a guitar with P90's.  Now I'm in trouble, it looks good and I'm in lust!  I'm a "one women man but a guitar hussy", and you just started me up!!!!!!!!!
P90 are not for everyone but I have a 1961 gibson ES330 TDC with 2 p90 (black bakelite covers, not metal ones) and it's just a sweet sweet guitar, so light and full of energy but yet smooth with the p90s.
see it at

I'll try to record this WE to let you hear what this tele one gives... The contrast with the bridge pickup is great.

I also badly falls for guitars. I discovered the pleasure of creating one and I guess It will be hard to stay away from warmoth's website for a while.... ;-)

I could not wait to finish my guitar and spent two late evenings after kids go to bed (and wife watch tv ;-)) (and a day inbeetween to buy a dremel... Finished neck and body from warmoth still need holes for pickguard and tuners and straps and jack connector.

Black korina is great sounding and very nice to look at (to my taste). I never heard korina before, and neither a tele hollow, so I don't know which is bringing what, but even acoustically it sounds beautifuly and loud.
Black Korina again...............everytime you hear a guy with a Black Korina body describe his guitar, one of the first things they say is it sounds Great or incredible or awesome.......and I believe em everytime........ever since I built mine with Black Korina I find the thought of using another body wood makes me nervous,.... that guitar looks like it would be tone Heaven,... Hollow no less..........nice choices........ :)