Step by step pictures of my first project. Black Korina Tele with p90 (neck)


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I used information from this forum,so I try to return some experience.
please see here
a step by step project , full warmoth parts.

(i did it on my website because it seems complicated to edit a large webpage like this directly on the forum. Sorry if it gets you out of the forum. no adds or annoying things, just a guitar being built ;-) )

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great olivier!

very helpful resource on the (at least to me) painful task of wiring all the electronics..

thank you!  :eek:ccasion14:

and a very nice guitar!
Personally, I'd have soldered a wire to the shield, and run it back to a single ground point, rather than rely on the pickguard being grounded and making contact.
Glad it helped Shagga ! I spent some time doing this and it's great someone finds it usefull hahahah!

CB, i've read on the internet that your way is the most used, however I was afraid that the pickup would touch the shielding and that I risk a ground loop, if this exists... However I decided to try it my way, and it seems to work. I used my guitar right in front of my fender blued deluxe and there's no special sounds for a single coils guitar.

I have to say I find strange that there might be ground loops inside a guitar shielding, because in my mind, if you shield the pickguard, you can't do but create a ground loop around the pickup and pots cavities on the pickguard. What is the difference with  supposed ground loop from the bridge pickup ? Anyway it works fine on my guitar so far, so "if it aint broken don't fix it" right ?

(sorry for possible englihs mistakes i'm french).
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The braid from the P90 is connected to the frame of the pickup, which also touches the pole pieces.  If you groudned to the same place the braid is groudned, there would be no ground loop.

On a more general note - there is so little current flowing in a guitar, that the possibility of a ground loop related audible problem is nil. 
I like the step-by-step stuff.  It gives us other newbies confidence!