Should I Fill Pre-Drilled Offset Vibrato Holes?


Hi everyone,
I am putting together a Jazzmaster build this summer and recently acquired all the necessary materials. My Warmoth JM body shipped with the holes pre-drilled for installing an AVRI, Mastery, Descendant, etc. offset vibrato system, and the holes seem to be aligned well for installation. However, I will be finishing the guitar with a satin-finished nitrocellulose lacquer - should I fill these holes? It would be convenient to be able to use them but I will plug them if it will cause issues with the finish.
If I understand the question correctly, you do not need to permanently plug and then redrill them, and should not.

There are two options, either complete the finish and then clean the finish out of the holes, or use something to mask or temporary to put into the holes that can be removed after finishing. You also need to mask the neck pocket.
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If you're talking about temporarily masking the holes so that no finish gets in, yea I would do it. I've seen folks use plugs made up of crinkled up paper in the holes.
I’ve used that method. Paper, and then put on a little painters tape cap