Issue with New Roasted Maple Neck - Should I be concerned?

Just got a Roasted Maple Tele Neck from Warmoth delivered today, my dream specs with SS frets and boatneck profile.

I noticed that on the back of the headstock 3 of the tuner holes have some chipping around them, 2 are worse than the 3rd. See pics below.

Do I need to be worried about this at all, I know the roasted maple is a bit more brittle than standard maple. Is this an issue, or will it just be covered up and be fine when tuners are installed? Should I notify Warmoth?

I'd appreciate some advice from those who have ordered/built with a roasted neck before, as this is my first time.


Tear out at the tuner holes is pretty common. That should be covered by the washers that go between the reach nut and the headstock when mounting your tuners. Try putting one together and see if it does. If not, then contact Warmoth. That's what I'd do anyway....
First I would look at the neck (and thusly at Warmoth by proxy) with a side-long “Oh come on...” kind of look, something like:


Then I’d (carefully) put the tuners on and never think of it again  :icon_thumright: I’m not even joking, I think that is exactly the face I would make.

But yes, if it remains visible after tuner installation I think a phone call would be in order.
Well it's on the back of the headstock, and I'm going to use Kluson style staggered Gotoh's, so there's almost no chance it would show, if I'm thinking about it correctly.
On the back of the head stock!?!?  ???

I missed that in the pix, I thought you had a left handed neck. In that case, it won't make any difference at all. ANY tuner would, without a doubt, cover that. To me, it's a non-issue.