Shes BACK in my arms again!

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well.. half of her.


if you look closely you can see its actually got a subtle touch of flame to it.  My flame korina dragonburst.

She'll be just like the last one except the neck pup is a Phat Cat instead of a Duncan '59

still waiting for the neck... should be here tomorrow.
Hold on now.. is this the new one you ordered (I think I remember that you were buying a new one), or is this the stolen piece returned to you??
I used the insurance money from the one (just like this one) that was stolen to get a new one AND a green Strat from the showcase.  Because other things were stolen as well and they paid what the labor was worth to assemble it, so i spent that money on a 2nd warmoth,  which came about a month ago.
just got a text from my wife at home.  Neck has arrived... school can't end quickly enough today.
stupid midterm anyway.

Get some pics up when you get home! I can't wait to see the neck that goes with that beautiful body..
I always wonder if anyone ever thought of doing a dragonburst on an acoustic... with quilted maple back and side.