One more for the road

I took the wood to school and planed it all today. It was actually a pretty easy process (with access to a big industrial planer and jointer).
The top is currently clamped up with the glue curing.
Aaaaand the body template has shipped this morning and it might show up towards the end of the week! šŸ„³
So despite some smoke coming out of my little bandsaw (I think this is itā€™s last guitar build) I managed to cut out both pieces. Next I will route a pickup wire cavity in the core and maybe do a wee bit of chambering.

IMG_1946 copy.jpg
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And entering slight manic mode, I soldered up the wiring harness last night once the sun went down and I couldn't work on the body anymore.

G&L PTB style wiring, PIO caps because I think they're neat, and a variable treble bleed.

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Got a lot yesterday evening and this morning; routed the neck pocket and drilled for the bridge, routed the bridge recess, pickups and control cavity, drilled string through holes and neck mounting holes. Now I'm working on the top carve and man, I forgot how much work it is to carve a top by hand. But luckily this walnut is at least a little softer than bubinga lol. I will never try to carve bubinga again!

IMG_1956 copy.jpg

IMG_1954 copy.JPG
So I hand carved about 1/4ish of the total carve, and it was a pain in the butt so I brought the angle grinder into play. First pick is the hand carving I did (2-3 hours worth), next pic is 30 minutes of angle grinding, and the third pic is mostly cleaned up with an orbital sander.
I'm pretty happy with the results! Needs some more tlc still, I'll be using some rasps around the cutaways.

IMG_1962 copy.jpg

IMG_1963 copy.jpg

IMG_1964 copy.JPG