April 2022 Guitar of the Month Submissions


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We are now announcing the April 2022 Guitar of the Month contest!  April's contest will be "owner/non-professionally finished" and requires at least a Warmoth neck or body to qualify.

Please read the GOM rules, which have been refined, with some slight changes, and are posted in a sticky in this forum area.

Submissions must be sent, to uwfgom@gmail.com, and contain two images no greater than 1024x768, along with your description and details of the instrument.  Send your submission in plain text email.  Your photos must be attachments to the email.  Your unOfficialWarmoth Forum user name must be included in the body of the email.

In turn, your images will added to this message, which is April's submission thread.

Submissions will be accepted from now until exactly 7 days from now (please check this post's date and time), so get your cameras clicking!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

Please do not post additional photos in any replies to this thread.  Links to other UW threads or external sites are fine. Links will not be included in the entry descriptions.

Please try to stick to the entry requirements:
1024x768 pixel images maximum as attachments please, not embedded in the email or linked to external sites.

An image for the purposes of this contest is a single photograph, not a multiple image/collage.

Include your UnOfficialWarmoth Forum user name.

Owner or other non-professionally finished instruments only this month.

Sorry, but entries that do not meet these requirements may not be included in the contest. If you're having technical difficulties, get in touch!  (But only about contest entries please!)

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!

Guitar #1 musicalmanguy

Warmoth Soloist
Poplar back w/ Flame Maple top
Top = TransFast black aniline dye sanded back w/ orange Angelus leather dye
Semi-gloss Tru-Oil finish
Finished by owner

Warmoth Superwide w/ reverse Warhead headstock
Maple neck & fretboard
6100 frets (22)
Satin Tru-Oil finish
Finished by owner

Bridge = EMG H4
Middle = Wilkinson Hot Rail Neck
CRL 3-Way Blade Switch
CTS 500K Volume Pot

TonePros Locking Tune-o-matic



A-Standard / Drop-G



Guitar #2 AleForce1

Warmoth Chambered Stratocaster
Koa (Flame) on Mahogany
2TEK Bridge
Lollar Special S Series Pickups
Mahogany Pickup Rings
Tru-Oil Finish

Warmoth Roasted Maple
Earvana GraphTech TUSQL XL nut
10-16 Radius
Standard Thin, SS6115 Frets, Schaller Locking Tuners
Light Tru-Oil Finish



Guitar #3 Bear Brower

Guitar specs

Velocity Guitar Body
Construction SolidCore
Wood Walnut
Lam Top Wood No Lam Top
Right / Left Handed Right-Handed
Control Cavity Rear Rout (Standard)
Neck Pickup Rout Humbucker (Wood Mount)
24 Fret Reposition Yes
Middle Pickup Rout None
Bridge Pickup Rout
Humbucker (Wood Mount)
Controls Volume 1, Tone 1, Tone 2, Blade Switch
Jack Rout 7/8" (22mm) Side Jack Hole
Bridge Rout Type Hardtail
Bridge Rout Schaller 475
Mounting Holes Standard 4-Bolt
Neck Pocket Shape Strat®
Body Contours Forearm Contour, Tummy Cut, Custom Contoured Heel
Battery Box None
Paint Category No Paint

Body fnished by owner in gloss poly over Watco Tung oil finish. Headstock finished same as body

Warmoth Guitar Neck
Construction Modern Tiltback
Shaft Wood Walnut
Fretboard Wood Indian Rosewood
Unique Choice No, Warmoth can choose for me.
Nut Width1-11/16" (43mm) - Modern Medium
Right / Left HandedRight-Handed
Neck Back Profile Standard Thin
Fretboard Radius10" - 16" Compound
Number of Frets 24 Fret Extension
Fret Size & Material 6105 - Narrow & Tall (Nickel)
Tuner Hole Size Schaller/Modern Fender/Sperzel (25/64")
Inlay Shape Premium Dots
Inlay Material Abalone
Side Dots White Side Dots
String Nut Standard Nut - Black Corian
Mounting Holes Standard 4-Bolt
Neck Heel Shape Strat® Shape
Finish None

Finished by owner with a single coat of Watco Tung oil finish as pore filler, then rubbed down from 600 to 1500 to red scotch brite to gray to white 0000 pad

Bridge: Schaller 475, black

Pickups: Seymour Duncan P-Rails w/ Triple Shot rings

Tuners: Schaller M6 licking, black

Knobs: Black with Abalone tops



Guitar #4 Spud

Carvin Alder Bolt Body

Krylon Rattle can Copper Finish
Wipe on Poly over
Aluminum pickguard
Carvin AP-11 singles
Carvin C22B Humbucker
CTS 250K pots
switchcraft 5 way
Sprague orangedrop cap
Fender Hardtail bridge

Neck Warmoth Fatback
1/5/8" nut
Rosewood board
Sperzel Locking tuners
reshaped back sanded to a Fatback/boat neck hybrid
5 coats wipe on poly



Guitar #5 alexreinhold

Blood Stain

Mahogany core / Swamp Ash top non-chambered Tele body
Owner-finished (wire-brush ceruse/doghair method) with Talens India Ink, silver glaze, Chestnut Sanding Sealer, Tru-Oil and Fluids Alcohol Ink "Bloody Mary"

Wenge shaft / Ebony fretboard unfinished neck
Dimensions: Standard thin, 12-16" compound radius, Gibson scale conversion (24 3/4)
Frets: 6115 stainless steel, 22 frets
Inlays: Bloody Basin Jasper

Bridge: Hipshot Contour
Tuners: Sperzel EZ Mount
Pickups: EMG 81 bridge, EMG 60 neck
Pots: 1 Volume, 1 Tone
Neck plate: custom laser-engraved from TLC Guitar Goods (Netherlands)
Active Pickup Power Supply: double-battery box
Knobs: Xentric Autumn Pearl dome knobs
Ferrules: Forney Custom Colorbrite
Battery Indicator: GuitarElectronics Lo-Bat Indicator



Guitar #6 ragamuffin

Custom singlecut shape based on the Springer Guitars "Seraph" model
Hollowed black korina body with hand carved 3/4" bubinga top
Nitrocellulose finish be me

Warmoth Vortex shape 24 3/4" scale conversion neck bubinga with ebony fretboard
59' Roundback profile, 1 11/16" Tusq nut, 10-16" compound radius, SS6105 frets
Raw wood, shaft burnished to 2500 grit

Vineham Pickups "Vivid" set, low wind alnico II p.a.f. style humbuckers
Volume, treble, and bass cut knobs as found on certain Reverend and G&L guitars

Recessed Tonepros TP6A tune o'matic style bridge
Hipshot locking tuners
Ebony wood knobs, rings, tuner buttons, etc. No (major) plastic parts



A quick question.
How long after sending a submission should one suspect it may have ended up in a spam folder and try again?
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years.

Nah don’t worry about.  Senor GOM always gets around to it.  :laughing7:
I'm so conflicted that might not vote this month, lol! Every time I go to cast one, I feel like I'm neglecting another. Great submissions from all parties this month.