New 'Warmoth Guitars' pool at flickr - all invited...

Chris of Arabia

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Hello all,

This is just a quick note to let you know that a new photo pool entitled "Warmoth Guitars" has been created across at flickr for those of you who'd like to show off your handiwork work, whether straight out of the packaging, under construction, finished or in use. If it is Warmoth related, we'd like to see it here.

There are a few rules to follow but nothing any more onerous than you'd expect on any public forum.

It's a very small group at the moment, but I'd like to think we can expand on that to show off the very best of what Warmoth can be.

...many thanks to Gregg Stewart for the support  :icon_thumright:

...slideshow courtesy of your friendly neighborhood admin.
I looked too, I think VA read "DO only post photos taken by you" as "Do not".  Anyway, cool idea.  If the photos I took of my recently completed Warmoth were better, I would post one.  I will try to take some better ones...
I've amended it slightly now to read "Only post photos taken by you". Hopefully that will keep it clear.

Feel free to post anything you have over there, I need quantity at the moment, we can worry about quality later...  :kewlpics:
OK, so this is an unashamed bump for this thread.

Well the "Warmoth Guitars" group at flickr now has 7 members and 22 photographs. A small but solid start I guess you'd call it.

With a little luck, there will be a new addition before the end of the week, but that depends rather on me getting my head around the wiring for the Tele I'm in the middle of doing - it involves an S1 switch, a 4-way blade, a Kinman Broadcaster and an SD Seymourised Mini.

I'd love to see pictures from a few more of you over there. Come on now, don't be shy  :kewlpics:
Now did say there were new pictures on the way. Here's one from last night as a bit of a taster for what the group is all about...

That Tele is pure class. Played the fender one with that SD the other day and really liked it. Anyone know what that PU is called?
I got it from the showcase and I'm pretty sure it was the metallic Spectra Blue. The pups are a SD 'Seymourised' Mini in the neck and a Kinman 'Broadcaster' in the bridge. I routed out the body from a standard Tele neck to accommodate the mini, so if desired, I can drop the other Kinman I have into the neck position. Once I've finished this one, I can promise any number of new pics for you to drool over...  :glasses10:
Chris of Arabia said:
I got it from the showcase and I'm pretty sure it was the metallic Spectra Blue...
I like this color very much, I thought it was lake placid blue. I don't know why, but the showcase pics are always different. If you search for a specific color, most times the same color in different guitars looks different.
Nice work, Chris!  I've got the RSS feed of photos from the pool on my desktop so I can see new ones as they come in:
As soon as I get it wired up, I'll let you know. I have a couple of AVn 69's on my Lonestar Strat and find those to be much smoother than the Texas Specials that they replaced. May be I'll get round to to doing the wiring this week, but I'm a bit behind on some studying so the Tele may need to wait a little.

@ Thepriebster: All Warmoth's are pic worthy - get them up there,,,  :glasses9:
Welcome to the flickr group, WillyK!  Nice pics, as always!

BTW, did anybody notice the flickr slideshow on page 1?