MORE 7's !!!!!



I'll realy enjoy to see more 7 strings options at Warmoth, like longer scale necks ( at least a 25,5" ), more bodies and hollow option too !!! 
AND : more wood neck backs too !!!!!  I realy like my 7's, but I need more ( yeh, always more... )

Anyway, Warmoth rules !!!!!!!
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Thanks a lot ! And it sounds amazing !!! One piece Black Limba helps so much...
Beautiful axe!
Oh, and re: scale lengths, thereis the 28" bari, which i've been thinking of building, after a 4 string bass, and a 5 string bass, and a 4 string fretless...
sigh, so many guitars, so little money time...
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7 string models with a cut up v sav as fudge, and a 7 inline reverse headstock like a jackson

with a 20 inch flat radius order the next day
To be sincere I don't like too much the 7 strings designs from Warmoth... They could do Strats, Soloist, Flying V, Explorer... But they said the 7's is the less money maker for they, so...
Then again, the serial number on my 7 body is "14" - try to get a Fender or Gibson like that. :toothy10: