Hello again after six years absence!

If you guys want to check out the website, just be aware that it's due for a fairly major re-do. There are a number of changes - all the guitars now have pickguards, and pickguard mounted controls, for example. And the colors for some of the models will change. I have the individual guitar description pages pretty close to being finished. If anyone would like to see new web page proofs PM me.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that our guitars now have nitrocellulose finishes. Things like hidden fret ends and rolled edges are standard as well. We're trying to incorporate all the features of truly premium guitars. This all comes at sizable cost to us, so prices are going to escalate fairly soon.
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As long as I'm doing show and tell, I thought somebody here might like to see a YouTube video/review of my SB1-J (jazz) model. If you get the feeling that the reviewer in reality liked the guitar you'd be correct - Ryan bought it after his review.