Hello again after six years absence!


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I was a regular contributor here for several years, but haven't made an appearance for the last 5 or 6 years. Just thought I'd pop in and say Hi, and check out what's going on here nowadays. I've been busy with my own guitar company - Pinter Instruments - but still have one of my Warmoth sourced builds that I love to play once in a while (an S type). My granddaughter also has a Velocity-bodied guitar that I gifted her, and it is her main guitar. Anyway, it's nice to see this forum looking active and healthy. Can someone tell me what is the procedure for attaching pictures to posts? I've forgotten what it is here.
Hey MrPinter! Good to see you. The back end of the forum has been completely replaced. To attach photos you just click on the little photo icon above where you type and it will ask you for a file or a link. Warning: It does not like large files at all.
Seems like it worked to me.
So - hows the guitar making business? I'm now in the pedal making business....
The guitar making business has been slow getting going. We're an unknown brand and we don't look like a Gibson or a Fender. But things are picking up. Good magazine and YouTube reviews help, as does word of mouth.

Is it allowed to show non-Warmoth product here?
I’m pretty sure if it’s related to guitars, music and it’s respectful to your fellow humans you’re good. Oh yeah, counter fitting is a no go. What do you got?
Hi, @mrpinter ! Glad you came back around. I'm pretty new around here, so you obviously won't remember me. I've been lurking for years and finally put together my first Warmoth "parts" build earlier this year. Have another one in the works now and contemplating my next two or three!

Good people around here, for sure :cool: .
Hello @mrpinter good to see you. The forum software changed since you were last here but now uses the same one as TGP which I know you post at. How are Pinter instruments going?
What's up @mrpinter! Nice to see you here again.

What's happened since the last time you were here:
  • Warmoth 40th Anniversary - Meadowhawk & Redshifter guitars
  • There was a pandemic (maybe you heard of it from other sources)
  • Warmoth got really busy
  • We released a new website
  • Forum software got updated
  • We released another new website
Don't be jealous everyone, but I've actually met mrpinter in person and played some of his guitars. Great stuff, and of course it's fine to show them off here.

That sort or candy yellow finish you do remains one of my favorite colors ever!
Hey @aarontunes - I see a lot has transpired in my absence. The new software here has a very familiar feel because it's the same as on The Gear Page - where I'm now a regular. Does anyone else here have dual citizenship?

I well remember your visit to my NAMM booth. I think it was the 2017 show - here's a flashback:


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I checked out the website. Very cool. I can see how it would be hard to sustain a business selling that type of product. If I won the lottery, I'd buy one of each in every color available!