Hello and New Old Guitar Day


Hello all! I just now joined so I can share some photos of my new-to-me, used Warmoth Soloist-bodied guitar. Everyone else's builds are really inspiring. This forum allowed me to do some research before I got it and to determine what I had after I did, so thanks for that! For instance, I thought it was Strat at first.

So, as far as I can tell, it's a Warmoth Soloist body with a bookmatched maple cap, and I'd welcome any idea as to what the body wood might be. It seems somewhat soft, so maybe basswood?

The neck is maple with what looks like an ebony fretboard with a compound radius (again, not entirely sure of the woods) and 22 jumbo frets. The strings are anchored into Schaller Tim-Lok tuners up top and drop into a Wilkinson Gotoh vibrato at the body. The headstock art is distinctive, and is my favorite non sound-related part of it.

The neck pickup is a Seymour Duncan Little '59, and the bridge pup is a Custom/'59 Hybrid Trembucker (with the hotter Custom coil active when split by the push-pull volume pot). This is the only mod I've had done. The vibrato's string spacing didn't align well with the E and e poles of the "stock" Gibson T-Top humbucker. A future mod might be to have the coil tapping done with a mini switch and add a concentric tone control in place of the push-pull volume, or maybe some elaborate 5-way Super Switch approach (it's a 3-way now). Or not; I seldom roll off the tone on my other guitars.

This is for the harder side of shoegaze (i.e. Catherine Wheel and Swervedriver). And inasmuch as Shoegaze seems to be played with offset guitars, I see my own build of a Warmoth Jazzmaster in the future.

Thanks for looking!


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A beautiful guitar. I wouldn’t change anything, except - maybe - add a 5-way switch instead. That should give you enough sound options.  :icon_thumright:
Welcome to the forum, Gila. Looking forward to your posts. And a JM build when you start on it.
Gorgeous guitar, love all the little custom details! Welcome to the forums!