Flake Finish Jazzmaster

Screenshot_20231018_143409_Gmail.jpgshoot ... I hadn't planned on getting this until after Nov 6th. Warmoth is getting faster, plus probably no problems with qc. I gotta clean up my work bench and get my tools together.!!!
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Now in Hodgkins, IL. on 10/23

Also, I bought some O-rings to use as washers for the input hole, which will hold the miniswitch. 3/8 diameter, 1/4 inner hole, 1/16 tube size. So two of these over the miniswitch will fill up the gap in the input hole which is 3/8's, the pickguard is .1 inches, and then I'll put the switch plate on top of the hole along with the dress nut then underneath the pickguard use a thin metal washer.

Will arrive on Wednesday! October 25.

So that's about 100 days from the time of the order.

Interesting ...

Took 50 days to plan,
Took 100 days to gather parts
I wonder how many days it will take to assemble. I'm guessing 25 days, or less. Life gets in the way. Then upto 25days for the tech to solder.
200 days in all.
Then probably three months of futzing to get it set up the way I like it.
Basically, almost 1 year. Interesting.
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Yesterday it arrived in Buffalo, then Latham which is near the airport and the final ups facility to get loaded on the truck.
Body weighs 4LBS 6.5 OZ. It balances perfectly, as shown by the picture above. Also, first time I had warmoth finish a neck, and what they do is finish all the way up to the fretboard, rather than up to where the fretboard meets the neck meat. I'll say, in person, the Inferno Flake finish is out of this world good. It looks like a billion stars coming out of a volcano. Whoever painted it at Warmoth should be bought a cup of coffee.

Very happy with everything and looking forward to building.
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I've been wanting a Warmoth flake finish for quite some time. Now I want one even more! I never would have thought about binding on a flake finish, though. That looks awesome!

The neck isn't exactly what I'd be going for, but if you like it ... that's the only thing that matters. Good luck with the future progress. Can't wait to see it finished! :cool: