Flake Finish Jazzmaster

I absolutely love the 1-3/4" nut width on my standard thin Tele neck. The next one will be a SRV or, possibly, Wolfgang profile. Looking for something with a little more beef for my dual humbucker Tele build. I'm a Gibson J-45 acoustic guy at heart, so I dig the chunky necks.

Can't wait to see the end result on this one! (y)
To those who oppose a bling-y neck, I submit for your consideration Joe Gore's Kitschcaster, which is bound AND has the silver flake paintjob on the ENTIRE neck to match the body, and - in my opinion - looks pretty frickin rad:

Parts List. As of July 14 all the warmoth parts have been ordered. Man there are so many details to pay attention to!
It took 50 days of planning to get to this point. Now it's execution!

Warhead Guitar Neck
Construction Modern
Shaft Wood Quartersawn Maple
Fretboard Wood Indian Rosewood
Nut Width 1-3/4" (44mm) - Wide
Right / Left Handed Right-Handed
Neck Back Profile Wolfgang
Fretboard Radius 10" - 16" Compound
Number of Frets 21
Scallops None
Binding None
Fret Size & Material SS6150 - Wide & Tall (Stainless)
Tuner Hole Size Schaller/Modern Fender/Sperzel (25/64")
Inlay Shape Split Diamond
Inlay Material White Pearloid
Side Dots White Side Dots
String Nut Standard Nut - GraphTech White TUSQ XL
Mounting Holes Standard 4-Bolt
Neck Heel Shape Strat® Shape
Finish Vintage Tint Gloss

Jazzmaster® Replacement Guitar Body
Core Wood **Extra Light Poplar**
Lam Top Wood Alder
Right / Left Handed Right-Handed
Control Cavity Top Rout
Neck Pickup Rout Humbucker
Middle Pickup Rout Humbucker
Bridge Pickup Rout Humbucker
F-Holes None
Jack Rout 7/8" (22mm) Side Jack Hole
Bridge Rout Type Hardtail
Bridge Rout Fender American Standard Strat® Flat Mount
Mounting Holes Standard 4-Bolt
Neck Pocket Shape Strat®
Body Contours Forearm Contour, Tummy Cut
Binding and Edge Decorations Pearloid Binding (Drop Top)
Battery Box None
Paint Category Flake
Inferno Flake

Jazzmaster® Pickguard
Color / Material White Pearl
Right / Left Orientation Right-Handed
Neck Pickup Rout **Gibson Mini Hum**
Middle Pickup **Gibson Mini Hum**
Bridge Pickup **Gibson Mini Hum**
Bridge Cut Non-Jazzmaster® Tremolo or Hardtail Bridge
Controls Volume 1, Tone 1, Input Jack
Upper Switch Upper Blade Switch
Lower Switch None

Hardware and electronics from Warmoth
Neck Screws Color Stainless-Steel
Pickguard Screws Color Stainless-Steel
1/4" Jack, Mono
Football Side-Jack Plate Color Chrome
Flat-Top Knob Color Chrome x2
500K Audio Pot x2
Guitar String Ferrule x6 Color Chrome
Schaller S-Locks Color Chrome

Parts to be ordered non-Warmoth
Tuners: Hipshot Staggered Locking Tuners with UMP plate chrome ... x
Buttons: Hipshot Hex Pearloid .... x
Bridge: Callaham Am. Std Hardtail w/ 3 enhanced compensated brass saddles X
Custom Neck Plate with pad ............... X
PUPS: DiMarzio Minihumbuckers DP 240x2 + DP241 .. X
tone control: .022 mfd cap ..let the tech source it ................................X
Treble Bleed on volume: something ... let tech choose and source, 180pf?.......X
Toggle: Freeway 10 position. ...x
Miniswitch On/on 3dpt ....x
Dress nut for miniswitch ... x
Miniswitch tip: white. ..... x
Case: Unknown at this point, probably gator
Strap: Sun Strap Red
Stings: D'Addario Nickel 10's .....x
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The thing that will probably take the longest to do is the body. Let's say it gets into the system today, July 17, then I imagine that this week a big drawer gets opened called Rick's order. I'll call that week 1.
I imagine that there's a check list on the front of the drawer. Each week they check something off.
The next week the extra light body blank gets pulled out of pile, I imagine there're about 10 - 20 blanks, and they pick the lightest one that day, put in the drawer, call that week 2
Then the CNC machine, first round, mostly chambering, call that week 3
Then the the lam top gets picked, call that week 4
Then the lam top gets glued, call that week 5
Then the body gets a second round of CNC, week 6
Then the binding gets applied, week 7
Then the body gets sanded, week 8
Then quality control review, week 9
Then to the paint room, week 10
Then three coats of paint, undercoat week 11
flake coat (maybe two coats) week 12
clear coat (maybe three coats) week 13,
let it dry a week, and QC 14,
Buffing, week, and qc 15
Mailing week 16.
According to the website, 16 to 18 weeks. That seems about right, though I'm hoping it's sooner, so that's somewhere between November 6 and November 20. Phew. Well at least that gives me time to accumulate the non-warmoth sourced parts. I guess every week, I'll scan the internet for sales and discounts, and whatever's on sale I'll get, but I'll be buying something every week for 12 weeks, so that when the warmoth package comes, I'll assemble it in one weekend, though due to the freeway switch, the mini switch and having 20 different sounds, I'll probably bring the soldering to an expert so I don't mess it up.
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Paid the credit card bill. I feel like my metaphorical bin at the mothership is now ready to receive parts. Time to start the non-Warmoth part accumulation process. I guess I'll start with the pickups, being the most expensive. Or the least expensive, probably the 180pf treble bleed cap, or maybe a switch tip?
earlier there was a discussion on poplar, and I found this in y download files. Not sure what the marketing spoo of silk means but parker likes it because it sings. After i make the guitar ill report what silk means. Though i take the spoo in its entirety to mean bright, resonant with rounded tones. Edit:
Silk means the medullar rays present in some quatersawn wood. So guess the Poplar (tulip) wood Parker uses is 1/4 sawn. Or at least not completely flat.
Parker Wood Guide.png
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Looking at cases and noticed the prices, wow. I guess that's the combination of 35% tariffs, shipping costs , commodity costs etc. Looks like we're going used.
Exciting! And a long wait….

One of my learnings from ordering my first Warmoth guitar was that I should at least have sourced the electronics from one reseller (like Thomann) and save on shipping costs, as they could probably have sourced the parts even if they didn’t have them. But more savings could definitely have been made by checking sales/discounts, as there is plenty of time to order the elctronics. And even more if I wouldn’t have ordered anything from the US (to Europe), as the shipping, taxes and customs costs become huge.
Ordered the custom neck plate! It'll look like this but will be a Firecaster, Jazz Deluxe made in 2023. Chome not gold and made in my hometown. The name acknowledge s that its inspired by a firebird and a jazzmaster . Firemaster didn't sound right nor did jazzbird. Pics when it arrives. Instead of a sun it'll have a bolt of electricity. The DP241 is reputed to be a good jazz pickup, and the DP 240 is great for country, folk 20230818_224527.jpg and rock, sort of like a tele neck pickup, but warmer and stronger.
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Found out what silk is ... it's medullary rays. Typically you can see it in 1/4 sawn pieces of wood. I guess the way Parker is using the term means that the pattern of the wood is uniform, and from the side it's 1/4 sawn.
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Ordered the pickups from MacDaddy Music. As a first time customer, I got 10% off! Still, I have to give my wallet a rest. I'm going to wait until the credit card is paid off before ordering the next item. 6 weeks in, another 10 to 14 weeks to go.
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Well, I was given a $32.32 gift card so I spent it ... on the Callaham Am Std Hardail Bridge w/ compensated brass saddles:
That comes to 31% off!!!!! Man I'm having a great week!