Flake Finish Jazzmaster

@ scabbie Actually Mayfly was proposing a build and that stimulated my thoughts about pearloid Binding with gloss flake.
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I hope it sounds as good as it looks because it's so shiny when I play out it will bling eyeballs.
Progress. Put on the tuning buttons, then attached the tuners.

Next made sure the neck was flat. Used a straight metal ruler and a magnifying glass. When I could see no light across all frets tops, I knew it was flat. Found no frets that were too high or low. This time took, less than 15 minutes.

Before attaching the neck and body together I wanted to get the pup routs set up, so I got this high tech tool called an emery board and sanded. Got the neck rout done. I think on the other pup holes I'll wrap a piece of sand paper around the emery board. Use 120 Grit.

The reason I'm expanding the pup routs is that while north to south the dimarzio minihum is the same as the gibson, east to west it's about 1/16 wider, so it needs to be widen by about 1/32, plus a skootch more on either side. If you go at it gently, doesn't seem to be a problem.

I had to ream out a little paint that fell into the tuner holes. You can see my high tech reaming tool (screw driver with sandpaper).

That 1/4 sawn headstock looks great! I love the flakes in the wood.


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After years of chasing springs across the floor and not finding them one day it dawned on me I could use an alligator clip. Unfortunately my brain is not like Elon musks, he's thinking about AI brain implants in terminally ill monkeys to fly unmanned robot space planes into skylink orbit with tesla batteries, and I'm thinking about things a million people have already figured out. Though at the moment I felt pretty smart.

Someone else is going to have to find a cure for cancer, it won't be me.
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