Diezel Herbert - noise

The Norwegian Guy

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I have a noiseproblem with my Diezel Herbert 180W head.
It makes a lot of humming, even when I'm running it thru a ProracG Decimator.
I havent been ble to figure out what the problem may be.

I'll post a pic of the rig and the effects. Perhaps there is someone smarter than me out there!
I have changed the powersupply for the pedals. Don't remember which brand or model.

The problem occures when volume on the guitar is turned all the way down, and I use either the OD or the DIST channel. The Mid Cut makes it even worse!

Does anyone have a idea of what might cause the noise?
i'd check simple things first, try new cables, pedal couplers, speaker cables, instrument cables, your be amazed at how much noise a bad cable can put out, might be something with the amp also, idk i just always go from simplest to most complicated when i have problems
I think it's also a good idea to check the wirirng in your house, I heard a humming, tried everything then dad told me the house wiring isn't all that spiffy.
I tried to take the rig from the garage to inside the house, because my dad ment that we had different wiring in the house than in the garage.
It doesnt hum as much as it did earlier, but I could still hear a slight humming, but as long as it was a noticable difference, that's good enough for me!

Thanks for the help guys!
Pretty much any amp with tubes will hum. It's pretty difficult to get rid of it completely.

If it's improved by moving the amp indoors then you can fairly safely say that your amp does not have a fault, more likely that you have a poor earth connection in some areas of the house.