What would you do with the "extra hole" {\.|./} ?

I had one P-rail neck wired up in a Carvin CT3M and found I really only liked the P-90 sound. I also, found the P-90 sound to be very balanced and polite , not really nasty and raunchy. YMMV.
This is my experience as well. I have a guitar with a P-rail set and the triple shot rings. I sometimes use the bridge in series humbucker mode but 90% or more of the time its just in P90 mode.
Going back to the question about 1/4" switches in 1/2" holes, these sleeve washers work wonderfully:
Photo example, these are from a Strat pickguard with a small toggle that I used for coil splitting, in the last tone knob position. It's entirely invisible from the top.


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Buckethead style signal-interrupt killswitch button?

That seems to be what I am thinking about the most lately. Sounds simple and fun! When I first started playing electric guitar and didn't have a clue how to "really" play (still don't?) some of my favorite noise making moments were picks scraping against GHS Boomers through a 10W Crate with the gain dialed. I thought it sounded pretty cool to copy the turntable guys at the time (late 80s, early 90s). Still do, I guess ... :D. Fortunately, I have actually learned to play in a more traditional manner as well. Still like to get a little silly at times, though.
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Don't get put off by how would you wire it, the forum can help guide you.

Thanks again, stratamania! You have been very kind to share your knowledge. There is still a good chance I will go the P-Rails route. Not great, but good. I will probably be asking more questions if that turns out to be the case. Right now, all I can think about is 1-3/4 nut width rosewood SRV necks with macassar ebony fretboards and gold pearloid nightswan inlays ! :LOL:
An ON/ON/ON toggle switch can be used to select between North Coil / Both coils series / South Coil. You could make a custom control plate and overlay that over the 5-way switch, and use the upper hole as a 3-way toggle selector.
You could make a custom control plate and overlay that over the 5-way switch, and use the upper hole as a 3-way toggle selector.

With the rear rout on this body, I think I'm going for a nice clean look. No extras added if I can help it. If I do end up going with a coil splitting setup, I'm thinking push/pull pots for each pickup's splits and maintain the basic 3-way blade. Still giving me the kill switch option up top. I'm all but finished thinking about the P-Rails right now. Might have to do some research on humbuckers that are preferred for sounding good split.

And then there is still the upper 3-way toggle plus multi-position blade for selecting different coil configurations. I'm just glad I have nothing but time to figure it all out!

Thanks for the suggestion, electric_steve! :cool:
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