Warmoth siting at BB Kings




Scroll down a bit, you can't miss it. Be sure to check out page 1, too. By the way, those aren't my pics.
I had the pleasure of seeing BB a few years ago with my boss, who happened to know some folks at the venue.  We went backstage after the show and I have got to say, he is one gregarious fellow.  He did not seem to mind in the least all the schmucks asking for pictures with him and autographs and all.  I kept it short and sweet and just asked to shake the hand that wrestles all that sweet vibrato out of the various Lucilles.  Great show, great man!  Listen to live at the Regal!
NonsenseTele said:
Who is the guy with the VIP?

The guy that posted the pictures says everyone was calling him "PJ". Sorry, that's all I got.

Picture from the link...