Warmoth neck on MIM player stratocaster body + max radius on 42mm nut?


Alright! Straight to business, couple of questions:

1. Has anyone tried a warmoth replacement neck on a current (2018 ->) MIM player series body? If so, how was the fit "out of the box"?

I Did initially ask Warmoth, essentially the reply was: they might or might not fit. Didn't find much on the exact topic by googling so I measured the neck pocket on mine (produced c. 2019-2020) with a metric ruler and got ROUGHLY* the following specs:

Depth: ~76mm*
Width: ~ 56mm*, maybe very slightly less
Height: ~16mm*, maybe very slightly over

The screwholes seemed to be ROUGHLY* 38mm apart on the shorter side and 51mm on the longer side. Very symmetrical, too.

At a glance and as a side note, at least an official Fender american standard series neck (the particular MIA neck in question was produced c.2008-2009) seemed* to fit the MIM player strat pocket, albeit the distance between the bottom of the 22nd fret overhang and the top of the pickguard was ROUGHLY* 1mm lower compared to the original mim neck. Additionally, the screw sizes were different yet the screw hole placement seemed to match quite well.

2. My second question to those with experience: The original mim player strat neck nut is spec'd at 42mm. Would there be any serious playability complications resulting from a too flat-radiused neck, i.e. 12-16" compound radius on a 42mm nut neck?

* = Disclaimer of sorts in case anyone interested in the topic reads this in the future: I did read the "will it fit" section on Warmoth's website but not sure if I measured the pocket from correct/ideal positions with sufficient accuracy. The actual conversions from imperial to metric units seem to vary depending on the source, i.e. 2-3/16" could be either 56mm or 55.56mm or something else. Also, not particularly good with my hands.

My first post, but hopefully not my last!
If you need additional info, I'll try to provide it to the best of my ability.