turning a floyd 10" radius into to a 16" radius


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Where would i find shims to change the radius on a floyd rose original or a schaller. I used to have a jackson dinky with a strait 16" radius and a schaller trem and i loved how the guitar played but i'm asuming the schaller had a 10" radius because the action was different on each string. Some day i'd like to build a guitar with a strait 16 radius and a trem to match that radius.
Stewmac used to sell them. You can also buy different saddles though I don't know where or what number you need (there's a number underneth each saddle pertaining to height). One guy said he cut shims from a spark plug feeler gage to use. I would think that would work pretty good.
Feeler gauges and a radius template will drive you nuts but it works a treat...good luck, If your like me you might even invent some new swear words