Swapping Necks: Putting a Warmoth/Fender neck on a recent Kramer Barretta Special

Has anybody here had the neck off a recent Kramer Barretta Special? (the ones made in Indonesia, that retail for $200 or less)

I'd like to put a Warmoth neck on one of those bodies. I've been searching the various guitar forums to find out if it uses a standard Fender neck socket. So far all I've found is one guy saying the socket is 2 1/4".
The Fender socket is 2 3/16" (56mm) wide. I'm always suspicious when I see measurements like 2 1/4", especially when they come without an explanation. Did the guy just take a measuring tape and eyeball it and then round up to 2 1/4" when it was really 2 3/16". For whatever reason I've always found metric measurements to be more precise.

So has anybody on this forum swapped out the stock neck on a Barretta Special? How did it go?

I have not done the specific swap out asked about, but 2 1/4" is a common width for neck heels other than the 2 3/16" of a Fender spec neck heel. Warmoth do not offer 2 1/4" as an option, but other parts providers do.

If you have the body, measure the pocket.
And also send an email to the maker. Reverend confirmed (10+ years ago) for me that warmoth necks would fit. Of course the holes won't match and if they would match now I don't know. Back then Reverend knew. You can also ask them questions about neck pocket dimensions.
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Also ... if you buy a neck and it doesn't fit then the obvious solution is to build another guitar. Win win!
Charvel/Jackson used (and still use) 2.25" neck heels, as did a few other "superstrat-era" builders. Historically, the Kramer was 2-3/16" but nothing about these imports are reproduction-spec, they are just generic OEM guitars that Gibson orders to have a Kramer-like appearance. The ones from 15 years ago used were mostly proprietary, making them not compatible with most aftermarket hardware.