Strange Question - LPs and Les Paul Cases


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I was curious how the extended scale (25.5 vs 24.75) affects the ability to use Les Paul purposed cases (i.e. from SKB and others) with a Warmoth LP build...

Figured this would be the place to ask,

Eric "GuitarEC"
My Gibson Les Paul case has 1 1/2 " clearance from the top of the headstock - plenty of room to accommodate the extended scale.
Funny you should ask.  I took my LP flat top body and Warmoth Pro 25.5" neck to Guitar Center a couple of weeks ago to fit cases and it easily fits into the SKB Les Paul case.  I bought the SKB case and really like it.
Just want to add... If you go with the SKB, be aware that there is a little cutout notch to accommodate the strap hook.  If you didn't position your straphook so it fits into the notch when you lay the guitar into the case, you may have a problem.  Lucky for me, I hadn't drilled that hole before buying the case.  I would have positioned the strap hook closer to the neck if I hadn't seen the case first.  But when I saw how the case fit, I put the guitar in and used a bit of masking tape to mark the spot where the strap hook had to go.  Then I could drill in the correct spot.