Question and a opinion


So, I have never built a electric guitar. I started searching on a website a friend told me about called byoguitars that has a les paul junior(149.99) with a set neck(this is thier recommended first time builders kit). Then I found Warmoth and saw that they had the LPS which is a dream guitar for me( I play the hardrocking blues).
I have a strat with tremolo( I hate it and have blocked  so it will not move),I have a ibanez artcore Semi-hollow dealo. I like the strat because you can put your hand on the strings better, plus the idea of having a hardtail start is awesome. However, I like the look of the LPS or LP JR.
So here are my questions:
Would it be better to buy the kit and learn from it first, my concern is that I will spend a lot of money on the warmoth and make a expensive mistake!
Buy the warmoth LPS  and piece the thing together and hope that I don't make the mistakes.

Also, has anyone built a LPS with a strat hardtail on it which will not look authentic but will have the feel of a strat for me and plus it is simple to work on at least for me?

Last question-Or should I just do a chambered start with F-hole(my opinion question)?
hmm tough one. well about the mistakes if you stay semi convenional the warmoth is bolt together and there is not much to go wrong with it, now setup on either guitar is the tricky part and someone here could walk you through it in either case. you may want to take it to a tech but if you do the setup yourself the warmoth neck is likely to need no leveling just a trussrod adjustment and maybe the nut dressed. for $159 who knows what the lp jr neck will look like.
i'll admit warmoth stuff adds up in price but the quality is unmatched as far as aftermarket stuff goes.

as for the electrical components the kit guitar are probably crap, that may be good if you never soldered before. you can set it up without burning up expensive parts, then upgrade it later or move up to a warmoth. atleast you can get the experiece and decide if you want to do it again without breaking the bank. but i don't want to discorage you from the warmoth. soldering is easier than neck work and you can build your dream guitar or something close to it with warmoth and will end up being a better piece.
Get a Warmoth LPS and neck with all quality parts.  The assembly will be a joy as everything fits perfectly even if you customize the layout to your own specifications.  It will be the guitar of your dreams plus the experience and pride you get when playing it in your hardrocking Blues outfit.  LPS with Strat hardtail bridge is a popular option.  You can even have a Fender scale length neck (25.5") to go with the body so you can actually play an instrument that you are comfortable with yet looks like a Pat Travers bare bone Gibson Blues rocker.
Funny, I like Pat Travers and I think that guitar he is shown in some album covers is neat looking! Thanks for your opinions and others!