WTS: Judging Interest. pre-C&D Les Paul Warmoth neck.

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Going through a lot of changes in my life and while I love this guitar, in it's current form it reminds me a bit too much of places and events I've played it that I'd rather not dwell on.

I am thinking of rebuilding my W Les Paul as a baritone.  I haven't figured all of the details yet, other than I'm going to splurge on a nice raw Wenge neck with a Purpleheart fingerboard.  I might do new pickups and hardware as well, but I haven't decided yet.

If I do that I can't think of a reason to keep this neck other than it's awesome because you can't really get 'em anymore.  The next guitar I build for myself is going to be a 7-string, so I have no need for another spare 6 string neck lying around, and while trying not to sound like some sort of tightwad, I think there's value in this thing for the members here that selling it might justify spending the money on a new neck, especially since there seems to be a few options here not available at W anymore. (not the least of which is Gibson being Gibson)

Modern Construction
Black Korina Neck wood (as far as I can tell W does offer this anymore?)
Ebony Fingerboard
Pearloid Block Inlays
25.5" Scale
10 -16 Compound radius
Stainless 6105 frets.
Gloss black finish (should be able to sand it back to raw wood if you desire, I should have ordered it in clear but didn't realize I was being dumb until after I ordered it)
Has the chrome Warmoth logo on the head stock.

Currently has 14:1 Grover Rotomatics in it, but I was planning on keeping those, although if a buyer wanted them I woudln't argue.

Has a small paint chip on the rear. Should be an easy fix, the wood wasn't damaged. Roughly behind the 2nd fret.

If you've been around here long enough you might recognize it, or you can find the build thread from ages ago on the forum.  This guitar was a replacement to the first W I ever built which was stolen from my car. Insurance luckily paid for it.

I was thinking around $450 would be a fair price.  Would any of you be interested in this?  Sorry for the dark pictures. The light isn't great in my music room and I can take some better pictures later this afternoon while the sun is out. (and it needs a dusting, the finish is still nice and glossy, hard to see in the pictures)




EDIT: Here is the build thread for the original guitar that this one replaced when it was stolen. No pics in the thread, but there it is.