Please Help! Warmoth Star Body Question


Hey guys--

I'm very new here but have been lurking for a while, and I'm kind of in a jam here:

Due to my discriminating tastes I really need to know the measurements of the Star body guitar.  For example, the bottom right fin w/ the cutaway is X inches and X inches, the bottom left fin near the tone/volume knobs is x and x, & so on...

I was told from someone at Warmoth that they couldn't answer my question because they didn't have a body available to measure  :sad1:  I made a tracing of a 1980's Guild star that is perfect, but I need to find out what's up w/ the Warmoth body before I fork over the dough to have something made from scratch.

If anybody could help me out here I'd appreciate it SOOO much!!  I'm ready to make my dream guitar!!!!


So, you need to know if the Warmoth star is the exact same dimensions an 80's Guild star? I would be stunned if anyone here knows the answer, since they don't even know at the company that makes the thing. Here's what you could do: Use a photoshop -type tool to grab the photo of the Warmoth star and scale it to the exact dimensions of your tracing (ie, make one major measurement the exact same). Then print it out or compare on your monitor. That should give you at least a pretty good idea.
Why do you want to make an exact replica of an 80's Guild electric, if I may ask? I always thought those were the POSs that bankrupted a great American acoustic guitar maker.
It's a matter of getting a decent Star shape to work with because I'm interested in making a custom Star.  For example, the Charvel star is great but I've heard that the Warmoth star is slightly smaller (I am told it is modeled after a Jackson star) and that's what I'm looking for  :icon_biggrin:

...So I was hoping that there was a fellow Warmoth lover on here who owns a Warmoth Star that could help me out and take some measurements-- that way I would know for sure.