Will Warmoth Top Route ANY body style besides Strat?


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I have a 1983 Fender Elite Stratocaster, and I hate the Trem on it.

I want to keep the neck and transfer all the electronics + into a new Warmoth body.

However, I want to get a Velocity body, and the website only allows the option of rear-routing the control cavity.

Will Warmoth top-route it for an up charge, or will they ONLY rear route it?

Thanks for any help!
They don't do top routes on the velocity because they don't have a pickguard designed for it.

If you want a top routed body keeping your electronics just as they are, I think your only options are a strat body or a "hybrid tele" (tele shaped with a strat style guard)
Speedy, you need to call the mothership. I think not, but you never know until you ask. Call them tomorrow.
They will omit the routings all together if you’d like, it’s usually like a $50 upcharge. You’d obviously have to do your own routing though