New strat project completed.


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Sorry for the shitty pic, my camera is MIA at the moment.. I'm not left handed the program I used to take the pic just flips everything...

but I'll add better pics later..

Mahogany body
Maple/Maple neck 6150 Fret-wire
Sperzel Staggered tuners
Carvin AP11 Single coils
Wilkinson Trem

It's nice and bright, not quite as "quacky" as I would have liked, but for its purpose, it works..
I really like the AP11's, though I think they would sound better on an ash body.
It's nice and playable, but I don't really care for the trem. I think I'm going to replace it with a tremking.

looks like a nice guitar. Shame you don't like the wilkinson any particular reason why?

here a copy of the picture the right way round:

Why thank you for that....

Main reason being that the bar is wobbly, and the whole action when it moves just doesn't......"Flow"

No problem, I used a free program called irfanview if you ever have similar problems in the future download it and you'll be able to fix the problem quickly.

I guess the dislike of the trem is just down to personal taste then, not used a wilkinson myself yet but once my strat project is completed I'm stuck with one since I can't afford to replace it. Then again I don't really use trems very often I just like to have option there.
Nice James, but it doesn't look like it is an ESP/LTD.  Contract violation?  :laughing11:

Seriously, nice work there.  I agree with you about the Wilkies.  I have one on one of my builds and it is just not as trem-friendly as a Floyd.  I don't know anything about the trem kings, however.
Thanks guys... Doc, this one is for recording purposes. And I still want it to have that.... 'Classic' look, and the floyd will totally kill that.  So I keep wondering about the tremking and figured why not?  :eek:ccasion14:
JamesL said:
phychobilly L5S coming up...  :icon_biggrin:

Tell us more about it...
did your contract with ESP gone? Or you're getting this to use in home and wait untill the contract end?
Very nice James!
didn't you have a tele in similar colors? if so, give us a family pic! :)
Forgot to say:
not all Wilkinsons are like that, but the wobbly thing seems to be a common problem.. one of mine is like that and it's very frustrating. there is a bolt on the other side of the plate, but that doesn't help to tighten the bar.
I wish gotoh had some kind of support to help with this problem. anyway, don't get what you mean by the flow problems..

about the tremking, another dutch guy here, Artnaz had a lot of trouble to get his guitar routed for a tremking..not sure if it was worth it.
Actually I traded  that body to Spaulding for this one, I needed something to put some single coils in for recording and he wanted a hardtail. Perfect trade... Anyway, what I meant about it not "flowing".... The whole movement of the bar just doesn't seem to be... Fluid, It doesn't move smoothly...
Here's the next build...... It's going to an artist here in Hollywood for a custom airbrush paintjob..

haha! I was goign to say jeeze you know that looks a lot like Rivers' guitar from the heyday of weezer, which I knew was a warmoth. the nice light blue finish.

So i do a google search for an image and what shows up? an article on the warmoth site!
If your camera's futzed, I guess you can't get a close up on the bridge mounting? Getting a Wilkinson set up can be a little tricky, how many springs did you use? I've only installed a couple of them, but more than 3 springs tends to make the bridge behave in the manner I think you're talking about; if you have 4 or 5 installed, try pulling 1 or 2 of them.
Yea, Sorry Jack, My digital camera isn't working too well, so I've been reduced to cell phone pics... I'm going to try and get it fixed today, And I normally go for more springs, but in this case I only have three..
Really nice build man.
The trem thing is a bummer - think about this.  The springs on the back have to balance the tension on the six playing strings and the trem floats between the string tension and the spring tension.  The springs need to be in a stretched postion because if they are not stretched, they will have no travel in the high pitch register but should be ok bending low as that stretches the springs more.  You can easily stretch the strings by pulling on the bar, even if the springs bottom out, but you completely loose that fluidity if the springs aren't engaged.  Try one or two springs or change the springs so that they are stretched for the full range of motion you expect to use.  You would need more springs if you went to heavy strings than if you use light strings.  The lighter the strings, the lighter the springs it takes to balance that force and stay in a stretched state during the whole range of motion.  Good Luck - Hope that helps!
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