Incoming Velocity Build

If you could get bridge + neck inner coil and also bridge inner coil as two of the positions, that might get you a little closer to the missing Y2D positions. Then for the other one, perhaps bridge and neck outer coils might get you close to a Tele type tone.

For the humbucker mounting, you might want to check out the FU-Tone PMS pickup mounting to get an idea of something you could fabricate.
@Hodgo When it comes to direct-mounting the pickups I actually read about this quite a lot, too (not mentioned in my build thread, I now realize). As I knew what pickup I wanted, and I was not expecting to change it, ever (famous last words), I went with the ”traditional way”.

The PMS system does not get very good reviews by normal people, mainly by reviewers (that mights be paid), and of course the name itself could be the name of a Friedman amp :) Technically that one screw in the middle that adjusts the height does not impress me, and the unit is expensive. Some solution like that would be great, though.

The solution that I saw mentioned most of the time was using threaded inserts. There are lots of articles about that, here’s just one with photos.

Please note, that I have no experience of either solution, whatsoever. Just wanted to add my 2 cents.
Still needs the setup fine tuned, but the cavities are shielded, the wiring is complete, it’s making all the right noises and honestly it already plays pretty dang good!

Electronics ended up being 250k/250k. One side of the Freeway switch is neck, both, bridge in normal humbucking mode. The other side uses the neck in parallel, the neck south coil with the bridge north coil, and then the bridge coil by itself. Wonderful assortment of tones, and the Morse pickups split wonderfully
I would have never considered that headstock for a Velocity body. But after seeing it, the contours actually go together quite nicely. Well done!