multi ply binding


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please, please, please, do multi ply binding. thats the only reason I still haven't ordered a white les paul, or a flying Vee. F-holes on a les paul, carved top tele (n'est-ce pas, marko? ;) ) multilam necks for guitars, routing for the tremking and diamond-inlay would be cool too, by the way (not the ones they have right now, but these:


oh, and serial numbers! to be able to choose my woods is cool, but I'd rather have those features available. In God We Trust, is the dutch Motto. In Warmoth We Trust, is MY motto! :p
binding on f hole would be cool, but not a neccasity. multiply on les pauls IS a neccasity!  :toothy10:
The single cutaway Gibson that Alex Lifeson plays is a Howard Roberts Fusion.
(Rush...I just love them!!!)  :headbang1:
Kostas said:
Binding with SS frets


Warmoth, buy this (or do something even better):

+1 to binding with ss frets, bound f-holes.  Don't forget HEADSTOCKS!  :icon_biggrin:

Split diamonds are cool but I'd rather see split traps and blocks.

+1 to serial numbers, as we discussed in another thread recently.