October 2018 Guitar of the Month Contest Submissions

Definitely a very good month; no easy favourite for me, but 'Upper bout is Les Paul shape, lower bout is dinner plate shaped' is probably about the best thing I've seen in a guitar description.
Wow, some serious curve balls this month. This is going to be a fun one.
I think I have a decent entry.... then someone comes along with inlays they've done themselves, a nitro finished guitar with an aged copper plate, and a bunch of other great stuff.
I'm excited to be a part of this contest, I've been lurking at submissions for previous months for the better part of a year (or more) so had to give it a whirl since I recently just finished my first guitar build and finish.

Good luck to all  :)
What a fine lineup. Each one has compelling reasons to get my vote. I guess I'll have to decide which compelling reason sings to me the loudest.
Yes, we do now have a Strat! And another Tele!

Best of luck to Seamas and Rick!

Last call for entries.
WOW!!!  Some really beautiful creations here.  I know each and every builder is really proud of their guitar!  Really cool stuff!  Good luck to all...
Good luck to everyone! It figures I would be up against some very tough competition and some board veterans to boot! Anyway I see I am allowed to post my build thread!


Thank you to anyone who does vote for me, I know I would have a hard time picking!