Mexican strd tele radius

Hi fellas!

New to the crowd here and i sure do love it! :headbang1:

Anyways, i'm fixing up my Tele. I ordered a maple/ ebony neck thru warmoth and here i landed :laughing3:

I just changed the stock saddles out with some blk covered brass saddles and i don't know what the raduis would be on a Tele at the bridge. I do have radius gauges. Is a tele neck radius 9.5 at the nut? What's the radius at the bridge end up to be or do you use radius at end of neck? Or ends up being...... Say 14 or 16.  I believe the  Warmoth necks are 10'' , ending at around 16'' at the end of fret board ? :sad1: :help:
Fender uses a straight radius,  not compound.

Some of them are 9-1/2, some 10... you can go to the Fender homesite and get the spec there for your model.  Its all there.


Your tele bridge with accommodate  just about any radius there is.  So get the neck you want, and adjust accordingly.
For now i have the Stock neck on but need to redo the radius . I will be redoing the radius i'm sure for the new warmoth tele neck i ordered. Thanks
Okay let's say the radius is 9.5. Where exactly do you get the number from? The 21st fret or at the 1st fret? and what's compound and straight emply.

Thanks guys...maybe i should get a book huh? J/K. :laughing7:

Thanks again.
Compound radius has a fretboard that is as if it were cut from a section of a cone. 
Straight radius has a fretboard that is as if it were cut from a section of a radius.

All factory Fender guitars, to the best of my knowledge, have straight radius fretboards - meaning your radius is the same, no matter where you measure it.