Koa Carved Top Soloist

Simon D

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Here's a few pics of my almost completed Soloist project. Only a few things left to do; fit a chrome jackplate and move the volume pot to a more traditional, useable postion and put a mini switch in its current location. Whole thing needs grounding to the bridge too, as it currently buzzes like a angry swarm of bees in a beer can under high gain - not ideal for a guitar used to play heavy rock!

Apologies for the less than stellar photography - these were done very quickly in far from ideal lighting.




I've gotta stay away from this forum, Every time I look at a guitar like that, i gotta have one. 

Awesome axe!
Thanks for all the kind comments guys.

The back is indeed mahogany, and the fretboard is ebony.
CB - Why the "tell me it's not.."??? I've ordered pre-installed Corian and graphite nuts on Warmoth necks and never had an issue. The string notches are barely cut into the nuts you can adjust to your string gauge; if you use 009/010 sets you STILL have to deepen the B/E grooves to set up.
I found exactly the same thing - the nut slots are barely there when it comes out of the box. However, these pics were taken after a pro setup, so it should be fine. Plays ok, and there are no action issues.
Well in that picture, its clear to see the unwound strings are deeply set into their notches.  The notch depth may be acceptable, I cant see that in the picture.  It appears that there is adequate angle on the slots themselves.  If so, good nut fitting practice is to trim the top of the nut so the strings are not buried in there.  Its just a little utilitarian for me. 

Here's one on a guitar I just got:

MYGAWW-D lookit them slots.  But it worked.

Cleaned up too

Not totally finished with it there, just genereally shaped, has a back angle on the top now (as it should on an angle peghead guitar), but the top needs a little more trimming... and it got that trimming.  Didn't have to touch the slots.

I show that because there is a difference between "working" and being right.  Not that Warmoths are "not right", just the picture makes me think they could take it a step or two further down the process.  I'm sure it plays well.

The angle of the photo is playing visual tricks slightly, the bass strings aren't as deep in the grooves as they look in the pic. The nut has been trimmed down by the tech, it was quite a bit hiher straight from the box.
Well....  I'm just bein' picky.  Those graphite nuts are available for under $4, but lets say $5.  So for $25 bucks... as labor... what can you expect?  I ordered my last two necks with nuts on 'em, but we'll see how they are then decide on if its worth it or not. 
It's just a clear finish on a fantastic piece of koa. I got so lucky with that it's untrue!!
That's pretty hot....I've considered that combination of body and neck before..I've mocked up quite a few in my photo editing prog b4.  I'd have gone with a maple fretboard tho, I'm kinda partial to the all maple necks...especially birdseye.. :guitarplayer2: