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i've never wired a guitar before. what is the best resource (book, cd, etc.) for a newbie. i need basic stuff leading into more advanced wiring options. diagrams, not schematics. basically i need wiring for dummies. any suggestions appreciated.
These will all get you where you need to be:

click on links for answers........

If these don't do it, take up golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can find a diagram for almost all PU/switch/Vol-Tone pot options at this page on the Seymour Duncan site:
i gave up golf - i thought it was too expensive. i could play a long time with the money this guitar is going to cost me.
Yeah, I hear that, I figured that must be the reason they call it the sport of Kings!!!!!......... :laughing7:

What kind of guitar you gonna build???

Have you decided on any wood types???

You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy most of it will come together.......
first, let me thank the 2 members for their help. i'm planning a swamp ash strat w/ maple neck and ebony fretboard, single phat cat pu, tonepros tom with string through. i've just about got it together as far as parts i want  - still thinking about tuning machines. i seem to get hung up on each part and waste a lot of time worrying about what eventually turns out to be of no real concern. oh well, it's the first one.
actually I think thats the same hang ups everyone else gets hooked up on,  probably on each build....hahahhahaha
sounds like your right on track.......... :laughing7: