Flake Finish Jazzmaster

Strap buttons will be chrome locking schallers. Now, the color. First the body. It's either going be gloss, turquoise or inferno flake with white pearloid binding and white pearl pickguard.

Do any of you have any experience with any of those colors? They both look great to me.
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… you’ll see when it’s done. Love to see any pics of your jazzmaster and/or flake guitar.
Did a quick search of popular flake colors. Nothing scientific, just a google search and counting images out of the first 25.
When you put in Jazzmaster and Flake the most popular colors are: Gold and Turquoise tied for number one, Blue, and then a tie for silver, orange, red and green.
When you put in warmoth and flake the inferno wins, followed by a tie for blue and turquoise, then green, then silver.
Ugh, so what does that do for me. It puts gold into the mix.
The flake decision is a hard one, but also an easy one. Easy in that all flakes look great. Say that with me now: "Flakes look Great". Keep repeating... :)
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Flake, flake, flake, flake, flake and FLAKE! I see flake in all our futures
So for the neck I'm thinking about three options:
1) All exotic with pearloid blocks, not sure which wood. I really like all rosewood, but all goncalo is in the running and as is a goncalo neck and wenge fretboard.
2) Maple / rosewood pearloid blocks, headstock inferno flake, back of neck vintage tint, all gloss
3) Maple / rosewood pearloid blocks, whole neck, inferno flake gloss
I would not do too much bling on the neck. My reasons include:
1 - it would be tough to match a funky wood to that flake
2 - maple would be good, just to tone it down, but I would not put a flake finish on the backside
3 - flake headstock is on the edge IMHO, but this guy got away with it:

I went back to my books on fender and I did not find one flake jazzmaster with block inlays with a flake headstock. Nor did I find any with flake on the back of the neck on any. It either was no flake on the headstock and some sort of fancy dots, like mop or abalone, or flake headstock with fancy dots. 50/50. Same for the fretboard,50/50, rosewood or maple. No exotic woods. Need to think. I think you're on to something with that too much bling.
3) Maple / rosewood pearloid blocks, whole neck, inferno flake gloss

I think that would be pretty cool. :cool:

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling! :p

Yeah, it would be a little over the top. But, in a bitchin' way. I have definitely thought about a full silver flake guitar (body and neck) with gold hardware.
Because the body will have binding, thus having maximum bling, it needs something more subtle, the neck will either be all rosewood or all goncalo with mop dots, or maple, rosewood fretboard in vintage tint gloss. I gotta spend a week playing my necks see which one I like better.
You know if the neck is more subtle due to the bling of the body, perhaps if the binding is of a more subtle nature; you could use binding on the body and neck to give a sort of continuity between the two.
After playing guitars with rosewood, goncalo, wenge, maple and mahogany necks, with various widths, fretboards and profiles, I'm going to do a 1 3/4 neck with a wolfgang profile, I found it easier to do bar chords. Next in terms of fretboard, I'm looking at a rosewood board with split diamond inlays, pearloid.

As to the actual neck meat, I'm kinda stuck. Looking at tons of pics, I'm thinking:
1) Quarter Sawn Maple with vintage tint gloss (Have any of you ever seen this, would it be too yellow or orange?)
2) Mahogany with vintage tint gloss
3) Mahogany with gloss
4) Goncalo with a goncalo board
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Whatever wood you choose, I, personally, would not go for gloss or a tint. Clear satin on maple is a good choice, I have one in a black cherry metallic which has a matching headstock. So, it is possible to have a satin clear with a gloss metallic or flake headstock.
All right, it's a quarter sawn 1 3/4 maple neck with a vintage tint finish, gloss on the headstock, satin on the back, split diamond pearl oid inlay. Now that I got that all planned out, I gotta fire up the spreadsheet and cost it out. Probably take me a week to add it all up. First stop will be ordering as much as I can from the big W.