Bridges and "superwide" necks


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Hey just a question. I am interested in Warmoths Superwide Neck... but it got me thinking. Wouldn't the bridge need to be widened as well to keep the strings straight ? Since the holes/saddles on a regular bridge are for say a 43mm nut neck.. the superwide is 47mm nut width.

a 47mm nut going into a 43mm bridge? diagonal strings
Could anyone clear this up? thx.


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What body/bridge style are you looking at?

I just looked at the tonepros TOM and the Vintage Strat flat mount and they are 52mm and 57mm string spread.
Generally the bridge is quite a bit wider than the nut.

I think where you will have more potential issues is where the neck meets the body and string alignment on the neck pickup.


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(resurrecting old thread)
I didn't even think to look at Strat hardtail bridges.  I was going to use a Babicz I had until I realized the standard Tele string spacing was too narrow to really match the Superwide neck.  So I bought a wider "vintage" spacing tele bridge, which looks like it should work OK.

But there aren't any pickups I can find with wide enough pole spacing.  I'm going to use a Tele bridge pickup mounted straight across instead of angled, and a Lace Alumitone at the neck, as it doesn't really have pole pieces.  Could have used a blade type.  It also has Graph Tech Ghost piezo pickups I the saddles.

The neck fitting to the socket is still a bit awkward.