Bengal Burst LP


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Quilt Maple on Chambered Mahogany - Bengal Burst Finish
Rio Grande BBQ and Texas Pickups
Brazilian Rosewood Neck
Gold 61GD fretwire
Std Thin back contour
Planet Waves Tuners
Brass compensating nut - (special made)


Sanding the finish bumps down around the rim so the plates fit nice and flush

Copper shielding tape to keep things quiet

Parts meeting each other for the first time













It has a great woody type tone that compliments its kind of animalistic visual. I'll dial in the set up and perhaps get a fret level over the next few weeks so it plays as good or better than she looks. 


I have never seen a guitar like that before. Great concept! I love it.  :rock-on:
Holy crap! Impressive original build. So much going on visually, it practically makes me dizzy. Greg, where do find a brass compensated nut? I like my earvana so much it makes my other guitars sound out of tune.
Good to know Warmoth makes their employees pick out of the same woodpile as their regular customers.... :toothy12:
Beautiful guitar.  Love the quilt top and the gold inlays just perfect it.  The whole theme works from top to bottom.  Even the copper shielding seems to fit. :)

Nice build, Gregg!  :eek:ccasion14:

What ever happened to the Spalted maple LP and the table you were going to cut into a body?
go big or go home i guess,  not a fan of the bengal or the quilt, but i think this one changed my mind.
i think i need a cold shower. 
Cool, glad you guys likey!

The nut was made by a friend of mine that has a milling machine. I got the idea from another poster here - midirose. I like how metal string nuts make your open notes sound like your fretted notes.

And yes, the Warmoth employees do pick out of the same pile of wood as the customers. This LP body above was actually headed to the Showcase as is. It is one of the only LP Carved Tops bodies I had ever seen coming in under 4 lbs. The neck back was going to the Showcase when the fingerboard was located and matched up with that back for an irrisistable match.

Hey Jack,

The Spalted Top LP was sold on the Showcase since about that time the Bengal Burst finish was being created at Warmoth and I thought it was really cool looking. It's too bad we see such awesome bodies and necks scatter to the four corners of the world never to be seen again, but that's the nature of the bisiness I guess.

Oh yeah the Burl table; I learned that a body made entirely of Burl is not a good idea in most cases. Too unstable and crumbly if it's highly figured for the neck pocket area. The table was cut up in to really nice laminate tops instead. Hopefully, I'll get to make a Gecko bass someday using one of those tops.
I really love this thing, even though it's way more over the top than anything I would ever do personally, but that is one reason I like looking at other peoples guitars!
Back to that nut, Can your buddy make a bunch of them for Warmoth to sell to us?

Oh yeh, your new guitar looks bitchen and stuff
That fingerboard is awe-inspiring, it's one of the nicest pieces of wood I've ever seen! The whole guitar looks great - it's one hell of a piece of craftsmanship. In fact I'd say it is bordering on being a work of art.
I think there are a couple of folks with patents out there on compensating nuts so making them to sell would surely infringe on somebody.

I want to get a Warmoth logo on there somewhere too but not sure where I want to put it this time. I saw a poster here on the board just put the W on and that looked pretty cool.

The fingerboard is pretty crazy-cool looking. I was hoping it wasn't going to be too busy, but maybe busy is the theme on this one. 
Yes, the fingerboard is indeed Brazilian Rosewood.

I've now had the opportunity to play this new build through my amp for an extended period of time and it really sounds great. Lots of character in the midrange. At the 12th fret and higher it takes on a bit of a neck pickup tone though I remain playing on the bridge pickup. Perhaps that is the Rosewood attenuating some of the highs out. At any rate, it's a unique voicing that is fun to play with. The whole thing weighs about 9 lbs. so that's a pretty comfortable weight too.

Just need an ostrich/alligator guitar strap for it now. Hey, maybe one of our Australian brothers can hook me up!
Your Australian brothers have Emus and Crocodiles plus a good assortment of very interesting snakes. :eek:  :laughing7:  :laughing7: