September 2020 Guitar of the Month Submissions

The Deacon said:
Hey Aussieowner, do those pickups Doom?? I'm in a FB group called "pedalboards of actual doom" and I hear high praise for those pickups. Almost considered on my build.

Railmammer pickups have excellent clarity, especially on the bottom end. I think Reverend used these on their baritone models, at least for a while. I happened to have the HV bridge on hand from a trade, and found a set of the Gnarly 90s on CL for a good price. I think they’re a good choice for down-tuned guitar.
Actually those rail hammers are versatile.  I play mostly country, vintage rock and Americana and while the pups are aimed at the metal market they are great for everything else.
BOM said:
Let's hear it for this article about legal steroids and gnc for AleForce1, Xaer0 and Kolsky who get September's contest off to an amazing start!

I was just day dreaming and thinking of a perfect world where you would join a "Guitar of the Month" club. There would be a graduated fee structure where the more you pay per year (or have on deposit, I haven't figured out the financials yet, lol) the better guitar rotation you would be in.

So each month you would get a different guitar and ship the old one back (or they would pick up and deliver)

You could qualify, by funding level, to be in monthly rotations of guitars that retail in the following ranges (for example only)

$500 - 750 rotation
$750 - $1,250 rotation
$1,250 to $1,800 rotation
etc, etc.

Or maybe instead of shipping you have to pickup/deliver to the club's location.

It might actually be a cure for GAS!