My first Build. A Fire Burst Makore LP


Just wanted to post a few pics of my first LP build.  Complete specs:

Makore LP - double laminate maple top with Fire Burst gloss finish
Gotoh Tom/STP Gold
57' Classic and Classic Plus Humbuckers
Vintage Modern Harness from RS Guitarworks
All Braided Coax wiring throughout
Black Speed Knobs and Pickup Rings
25.5 scale Mahogany neck with Ebony fret board - Satin Finish (I highly recommend this finish)
Stainless Steel 6105 Fret Wire
Planet Waves Gold Locking Tuners
Ernie Ball Gold Strap Locks (Really Cool and they match my setup)

I really couldn't be more happy with this build.  Ran into a couple amateur builder issues (i.e. pickup ring placement, switch wiring).  But I was able to figure them out rather quickly.  Initially I was going to build an exotic wood VIP...but settled instead on a more tried and true design...opting for the LP.  Bought this one from the showcase....and I was concerned that the Makore might be too bright sounding due to the silica content of the wood.  Fortunatelt this was not the case and I would recommend any of the Makore LP's.  I am interested in how a Black Korina LP might sound.  My next build will definitely include some underwound "ReWind Pickups." 

This guitar sounds glorious...clear, articulate with plenty of growl when needed.  The 57' Classics are great pickups and the RS guitarworks harness made my job a bit easier. 




Sweeet!  Was that a custom built body, or did you get it from the showcase?  In any event, it's a sexy axe.  Well done.

Here's the photos embedded:




Thanks I was having trouble figuring out how to imbed them.  Think I figured it out. 

The body came from the showcase.  I was really drawn to it.  I'm really looking forward to building my next one already...guess I have the bug now.
Yep, once you've built one, you're probably screwed.  I have three completed builds and three more in the works.  Welcome to the addiction!

If I imagine it with chrome or nickel hardware you've assembled the perfect LP.

I'm playing a mahogany/ebony neck whilst browsing the forums albeit with a gloss finish and I absolutely love it too!
man, that is one fantastic LP!!! congrats!!  :eek:ccasion14:

what type of music do you play? I'm working on an SG and I want to use a 57 classic plus for the bridge, how does it sound with gain? ( I play classic rock through hard rock and modern rock and metal stuff)

I'm also probably going to use one of RS guitarworks' pre-wired LP junior kits for the SG, I don't mind shelling out some extra $$$ to save me the time of soldering it all together haha!

Anyway, great LP!  :headbang:
I spent a good month or so trying to figure out what pickups I should use....ultimately I went with the 57 Classic and Classic Plus because they retained some of the vintage PAF sound but could be driven when necessary.  But it was very important to me to be able to get some of that hollow, woodsy type growl....and while they aren't the best choice for that can be dialed in pretty easily.  If you are playing metal I would go for a little more focused low end found in an Alnico 5 magnet...Burstbucker Pro's offer that...and I actually was torn between them and the 57 Classic combination. My other choice was the Burstbucker #2 for neck and Burstbucker #3 for bridge...surprisingly though I think the 57 Classic plus has a higher DC resistance than the Burstbucker #3.  Ultimately it will be what sounds good to you. 

Makore has SILICA? As in, sand, glass, etc.? Boy, I would NOT want to be the saw-sharpening guy in that lumberyard. Or maybe I would, alway prennry emproyment! I know teak is famous for growing in, and picking up, clay, which makes it ultra-tough but, umm, not so resonant. And savage on saw blades. But a glass guitar - yeah, I could do it.
Right gorgeous, too!  Tell us more about Makore.  Never heard of it.  Is it a faster-growth (eco-friendly) substitute for mahogany?
Makore is known as African Cherry, but has more in common with the Mahogany species.  tI may be more eco-friendly in that it is not currently as sought after as Mahogany.  Its generally a harder wood with a Janka rating of 1100 opposed to genuine mahogany which is rated around 800. But the density of both woods are similiar and that has more of an effect on its musical properties than its hardness rating.  It does have a higher silica content and I was afraid the guitar might be too bright sounding...its not.  Its brighter than genuine mahogany but probably just as bright as african mahogany which has  similiar properties.  I love the iridescent look of the Makore.

I wouldn't hesitate to ask Warmoth to fashion a hollow VIP body from any stock they may have left.  In fact I'm rather certain that will be my next project.