Anyway to get a floyd nut on a vintage modern neck?

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I've mailed a few people about this and no one seems to want to touch it, either that or they just stop replying to my mails, which I'm taking as them not wanting to touch it without being polite enough to tell me.
I know that in the 80s plenty of people stuck floyds onto vintage fenders, so I know that it's possible.
Anyone know of anyone in the UK who might take it on?
Since the vintage modern truss rod adjusts at the headstock, there's a good chance you'd have to do some sanding and cutting on the Floyd nut to get it low enough without interfereing with the truss rod operation.  This may be why no one wants to work on it.
Gotoh makes a floyd nut that already has an insert cut out for bullet truss rods. I didn't realise it was going to be this much of a problem to get it done. I guess it's going to be easier to just buy another neck and store this one away for another project.
Is it just me or does everyone end up with a stack of neck and bodies that they've bought and decided not to use?
You could have a word with Charlie Chandler in Hampton Wick, near Kingston-Upon-Thames.  He does lots of custom work.  Might be able to do something for you, or suggest someone.