Additional Dye Colors: Pinks, Grays, Blends


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I'm hoping to see an expansion of the dyes offered. There are some sweet guitars out there with dyes I'd love to consider building as a custom Warmoth project.

  1. Pink - I'm really in love with the "Bonnie Pink" by a certain other manufacturer
  2. Charcoal Frost type Gray. There are currently two black dyes offered (dark and washed), but no gray for some understated character. I found an old Warmoth (I think) build that had a beautiful slate or blue-gray flame top. It was stunning.
  3. I'd love some creative Blends as well as options for linear gradient in addition to radial gradient. Some color names of other manufacturers that I think look amazing might be:
    1. Blooming Lotus Glow (Purples & Pinks)
    2. Blue Reef (Pale to Dark Blue)
    3. Tahiti Night (Greens to Blues)
    4. Northern Lights (Blues to Purples)

Here is the gray dye that I think looks so amazing. It is NOT my image; if I shouldn't post or if there are concerns with my use of this image please let me know and I'll take it down. Maybe this is a black or dark whale-blue dye in the end; but it looks gray on my monitor anyhow :D