Wenge/Ebony J-Bass neck & Sunset Orange Body

Pretty much self explanatory.  6130 frets, reverse orientation, unique choice Jet Balck Ebony, and corian nut.


My current Warmoth J-Bass is already Tobacco Burst, however it's Ash no BK.  I want explore some more of their color spectrum.  After too many failed attempts, DYI finishing ain't for me.  Besides, the Warmoth folks do a great job anyway.
This is ultimately going to be a back up bass with a little different flavor, or primary as my other will become a backup.  I love the sound and feel of the other one, so I'm going to try to match that perhaps.  Same pickups, same construction, same hardware, same controls, same reverse headstock.  I want to be able to close my eyes and not know which one I'm playing.  With the other bass, sound guys and other bass players beat me death with questions about that thing all the time.  I just had to have a raw exotic for the neck this go around and I have to admit, a BK body would compliment that neck so well.  But...I may be an Ash man.
Max said:
Buterscotch on ash, maybe. Should work well with the wenge.

My Tele is Butterscotch.  Got the T-Burst and Butterscotch covered.  My 1st wife has made it very clear that I have enough instruments that are black.  4 of 7 at last count, so black is out too.  I've toyed with Mary Kaye White and a Tortoise PG.  I'm also considering a Quilt Maple Top, Turqoise dye and Candy Turqoise back.  Or, dyed green Birdseye Maple top and Trans Green back.
Flame maple top, tigers eye, and trans yellow or brown on the korina back. Or clear on the back.
There's some beatiful flame pieces on this forum and the gallery, but I'm not really into flame maple.  Looks cool on necks.  Tastes change.  I used to love quilt maple, but care for it less now.  I used to despise "furniture guitars," but am leaning that way more and more.
I am going up and down this cycle all the time..
not a big fan of flames and quilt, except for on necks.. but every now and then I quite like some examples
I really liked the way soylent black turned out!!
I like the black Korina with an amber finish look.  Vintage, aged, yellowed, ambered, whatever, it looks really good.  I did my own tele with a quilt top on an ambered Korina back, and it is a show stopper.  So if you go that route it will turn out nice.  I dig the tone of my guitar and I am sure that the bass would be spectacular as well.  Sounds like you are in a rough spot so good luck, "Korina Bass with a Wenge neck, now how do I want it to look..."  Heh, heh, heh...