Warmoth scalloping

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Hi guys.
Does anyone of you know if Warmoths scalloping follows the radius of the fretboard or is the scalloping "flat"?
Does it take the radius into concern or not?

I've had several Warmoth-scalloped necks, and I have to say that they're absolutely flawless scallops. I'd assume this is mostly down to the CNC work, but the sanding and finishing work that follows has also been done perfectly. I was particularly impressed with how well the scallops turned out on a AAA flame maple fingerboard which then had the gloss finish option. That can't be easy. I've not seen another scalloped neck that comes close in terms of workmanship.

Fender does a good enough job, but it's rougher around the edges. I haven't seen a Blackmore strat neck in person, but even in photos you can tell the scallops are a bit sloppy. The two YJM strats I owned had lovely and 100% serviceable scallop jobs, but not as picture-perfect as what Warmoth produces.
It's funny I never thought of it that way I guess when I do my own scallop it flat and now I see you can follow the radius........... I have played both and I think the way I scallop for me is the best and that's flat ........