Warmoth newbie, parts just arrived.


Hi folks.

Name's Rab, from Scotland.  This is something I've wanted to do for a while now and I finally got around to it and the body & neck just arrived today  :hello2:

The body's a swamp ash Musiclander from the showcase, the neck's canary with an ebony fingerboard and stainless frets, also from the showcase.  I'd originally ordered a padouk/rosewood neck, but Warmoth can't export anything with Brazilian Rosewood.

The plan is twin humbuckers (IronGear Zebras), vintage tremolo, 2 Vol & 1 Tone, push-pull on the vols to split the pickups, 3 position LP switch for pickup selection, all black hardware.

Pics, we need pics:





More pics to follow as the build progresses.

Cheers - Rab.
Welcome to the board Rab! Never met a Scot I didn't like! Very cool looking guitar build you have going on! Can't wait to see that one come along.  :icon_thumright:
Another Brit on the board....or perhaps I should say Scot.

Nice build Rab. Neck looks awesome.
Thanks for the welcome guys.

I've never seen a real Fender Swinger, but I liked the shape, a bit different from a Strat, without being too chaos, spiky, kill your daughters death metal.
Hardware, vintage trem bridge from Warmoth, don't know who makes them and Gotoh SG38 Tuners, all black, as well as black pot knobs, black neck plate, black screws etc.  To quote Spinal Tap "None more black".
This is my first build, so I'm keeping everything simple.

Thanks for the compliments, both on the guitar and my nation, although given that there's 6 million of us, I'm pretty sure there's one or two who'd get on your nerves  :icon_biggrin:

It is a beautiful piece of wood, I love the colour variation in the grain.

Hi Ted, Brit or Scot, makes no difference to me, I'm happy to be called either, just don't call me English :laughing7:

Thanks again for the welcome, I'll make sure and post more pics as I make progress.

Cheers - Rab.
So YOU bought that neck; I went back to order it & it was gone, had to custom order another; looks like a great project; how are you going to finish the body?
jackthehack said:
So YOU bought that neck; I went back to order it & it was gone, had to custom order another; looks like a great project; how are you going to finish the body?

Oops, sorry about that, I'll make sure it's put to good use though, don't worry.

I'm going for a natural finish, it's too nice a piece to cover with paint, grain fill with a dark filler to bring out the grain then either a light stain and oil or use an oil with some colouring in it, nothing too fancy.

Cheers - Rab.
Good to see more UK Warmoth builders.

What's this about not being able to export rosewood? The stuff they make fretboards out of must be ok as I had a mahogany / rosewood neck delivered to the UK in January.
Cool project, I can't wait to see how it comes out. I long contemplated doing something similar, now I've got musiclander envy. More pics when finished!
Very unique project there rab. Out of curiosity, where in Scotland are you? I'm in Findhorn, near Forres for a few months. You get amazing sunsets here!
I always thought this one of Rob DiStefano's was a sweetie:


I just need all the time & money in the world to build guitars and I'd be all set... at least regarding infernal Warmoth.... :evil4:

I think if I were ever rich and silly enough to actually collect guitars (as opposed to just having them pile up around here :sad1:) I'd make a collection of spiky evil heavy-metal death machines of doom. Some of them are pretty comical.
Hi Nathan.

I'm in Bo'ness, on the Firth of Forth, a good bit south of you.  It's a nice area up there though, I'm very fond of Inverness and Elgin and I've spent a fair amount of time at RAF Kinloss.

That's a nice looking guitar, I hope mine turns out that well, I know what you mean about Warmoth, this is my first, but I have the feeling this may be the beginning of a dangerous addiction.

Cheers - Rab.
Very cool. I´ve never been into that body style, but these pics makes me change opinion.
It looks quite small..?
Love the canary too, almost looks like a worn finish, and those SS frets sure shines.
Hey rab.

More Brits........Cool.
Your canary neck looks great.  Make sure you let me and Ted know what those IronGear 'buckers are like. We  have a bit of a pickup fetish.(I say we, I mean Ted).
Hi folks.

Bit of an update, tuners are installed in the neck, along with a custom truss rod cover:


The cover's a reshaped Warmoth, covered in metal foil with a inkjet printed decal over the top.

The body's been filled and oiled and the pickups and bridge are fitted:


Just the wiring to do and we'll be ready to annoy the neighbours  :icon_biggrin:

Cheers - Rab.
Hey Rab.  Nice work.    That Truss rod cover is way cool.  You do it yourself?  Easy?  If you havent already I'd be tempted to lacquer over the top of it to prevent any accidental wear and tear.  Looks great though.

And the body is nice too.  Get it finished, post pics.

Nice one centurion.