Walnut thinline Telecaster - !updated with a couple new pics!


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Here she is, my second Warmoth. Thanks to all board members who advised along the way on this one.
Showcase Walnut thinline, 3lbs 12 oz, custom order indian rosewood neck, W Pro standard thin with block inlays, graphite nut, 1 11/16,  6130 frets.
Finished with Minwax dark walnut stain and then pure Behlen tung oil, 8 coats if I remember right.
Rio Grande Jazzbar & SD lil 59 tele, plus the graphtech piezo system I've been rabbiting on about. The electronics and battery fit nicely into the control cavity, and having the LP switch in the upper bout helped keep things uncluttered down below. I did have to use the dremel to get the stereo jack to fit in the jack hole. Under the bridge there is a rather ugly rout for the individual saddle wires, but it all works and is nearly invisible. Controls are: Mag vol, Mag tone (.047 orange drop), piezo vol, quick switch (mag only, both, piezo only).
Plays really amazingly with minimal setup (basic action and intonation), wow I really prefer these low 6130 frets to the 6150s in my other W.
Sounds: Jazzbar may grow on me, it has a great warmth to it and gets really sweet with moderate overdrive, but it's pretty dark-sounding to the point that turning the tone way down removes all discernable treble. Wait and see. Lil 59 sounds great as it did on the other guitar, little bit darker on this one but still more trebly than your average full-sized HB. Piezo sounds really nice on this one, I'm sure it's because the body is so resonant; the top vibrates pretty noticeably. I think if you're considering the piezo thing, thinline is the way to go.


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Fantastic! I love it!
I will probably have mine ordered by the time the (forum) thinline hype is over, and everybody else switched to the L5S hype;)
I think I need to skip my need for body contours and build a Thinline, lots of nice ones here now.
I really like the dark body and white pearl pickguard look.
Looks sweet!!
Hey Tfarny, Quick question:
is this a thinline body with 3 large chambers?
if so, do you have another regalur hollow warmoth to compare it to?
I am trying to decide between a thinline and a hollow tele, and trying to get as much feedback as possible ;)
m4rk0, it's a regular thinline, hollow except for the center block. Sounds good unplugged and very resonant. Haven't had a chance to play it at full volume so don't know about feedback but I'd be surprised if it's a problem. My other tele is solid one-piece so can't compare them as far as acoustic properties are concerned. Get a thinline, they're super cool. Everyone and their dog has a regular tele.
Wow. Fantastic looking Tele! The dark walnut-black-steel-pearloid combo is gorgeous. Clean controls, P90 pickup, sensible pickup switch placing - what's not to like? :D
I'm thinking that this may be the inspiration for my next build.  Thinline Tele with P90s.

Great build.  Love it.
I am toying with so many ideas in my head for my next build (or first guitar build, anyway) and I am thinking about a walnut thinline with p90s and a solid rosewood neck.
Do you have any balance issues with your guitar?
Not at all, I think balance is more a function of strap button placement than wood weight. The RW neck is a bit heaver than maple necks I've got but not enough to cause any dive at all.