Mahogany strat and Walnut Mooncaster builds!


Hey! I wanted to share the builds I’m working on right now.

The strat body is a mahogany lam top over a pretty plain two-piece mahogany. Its neck is canary wood with an ebony fingerboard.

The mooncaster body is walnut over mahogany, and the neck is mahogany with a wenge fingerboard. Awesomely, the grain and coloration of the body and the neck match really well- to the extent that I wonder if it was chosen that way (the body was a custom build, the neck was from the showcase.)

Both guitars are getting natural tru-oil finishes. These pictures are about 5 coats in. Currently I’m at 8, and going to start wet sanding with tru oil to fill the grain when I’m back in town next week. I’m planning to do this to both bodies even though the walnut doesn’t require it as much IIRC. The necks got two coats of tru-oil and a top coat of Axe Wax and they’re basically right where I want them.

The strat is getting some Fender custom shop Texas specials and the Mooncaster is getting some Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers.


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